BOP—Business Owners Policy A business owner's policy, sometimes known as BOP, provides liability insurance and property damage coverage "bundled" together in a package policy. Business owners insurance is often the most convenient way of protecting your business's physical and financial assets. It's one and done—you get a quote for one policy with both types of coverage. BOP is a funny word but it's serious protection for your business.

We can find a policy for your business We help companies find coverage for a variety of business operations. Tell us about your business; chances are we can help you find the business insurance coverage you're looking for. It only takes a few minutes so why not find out?  

Our business insurance agents are happy to discuss all aspects of your company's operations. You may also need professional liability insurance if you provide advice to clients. We can even help with commercial auto insurance for the cars, trucks, and vans used in conducting your business. Call our business insurance specialists at (210) 380-4417. Other business insurance lines may be presented for your convenience

What Is Business General Liability Insurance?

General liability (GL) insurance provides vital protection for your business. This protection, also known as business liability insurance or commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, protects your business should injury or property damage occur to others as a result of your business operations.General Liability is coverage for the operations of your business.

The policy generally covers:

Property Damage – Damage to property that you are legally liable for (including rented property)

Bodily Injury – Injuries to persons for which you are legally liableMedical Payments – Bodily injury that occurs during the course of your business operations

Defense Costs – Suits against your company regardless of fault

Personal & Advertising Injury – Claims of slander and libel that are not part of your professional services

When it comes to your business, no matter how careful you are, someone can sue you for matters related to your company's operations and you could be found legally liable for negligence. Being properly insured is critical to protecting your business. Let CAPITAL become a part of your business strategy; we'll help find the right coverage for your business.

Even Professionals Make Mistakes

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), is a coverage for businesses that offer professional and personal services. E&O insurance protects you in the event that a client is harmed from a service or advice that you provide for which you are held legally liable.

The professional liability insurance policy generally covers:

Negligence – Alleged mistakes or advice your company makes through professional services provided

Defense Costs – Suits against your company regardless of fault

Services previously performed – Up to an agreed time frame your business will be covered for service completed. Insure your current, future, and even previous work with one policy!Is professional liability insurance right for your company?

Does it seem like insurance is more complicated than it should be? You're not alone; many people find that getting the right insurance coverage is tricky, to say the least! We'll help make it less complicated and answer your questions. Our friendly, knowledgeable commercial insurance agents will answer your questions and help you get your free rate quote for your insurance policy.

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